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Important Gk years

Years updated in July

Its a weekly report of Learn a Important "Year" Everyday programme.
Studying Year is very difficult that's why we started An Important Year A Day programme. These questions include Previously asked years, Frequently asked years, Important years for competitive exams.

1. When did TV Broadcasting started in India ?

Answer: in1959

2. When did mahatma Gandhi born ?

Answer: in 1869 October 2

3. When was the 1st general election held in India?

Answer: in 1951

4. When was Reserve Bank Of India established ?

Answer: in 1935

5. When was Reserve Bank Of India nationalized ?

Answer: in 1949

6. When did Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) started ?

Answer: in 1969

7. When did Railway started in India?

Answer: in 1853

8. When did Radio Broadcasting started in India ?

Answer: in 1927

9.When did Constituent Assembly of India Adopted The National Anthem ?

Answer: in 1950 January 24

10. When was Five Year Plan started in India ?

Answer: in 1951

11. When was First Postal system Introduced in India ?
Answer: in 1766

12. When was Asian Development Bank (ADB) established?
Answer: in 1966

13. When did pin code introduced in india ?
Answer: in 1972

14. When did Hijra year Started ?
Answer: in AD 622

15. When did Kollam Era Started ?
Answer: in AD 825

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