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Important general knowledge questions about Akbar

1. Who is the father of Akbar ?
answer: Humayun

2. When was Second Battle of Panipat ?
answer: in the year 1556

3. Who is defeated in the Second Battle of Panipat ?
answer: Hemu is defeated by Akbar

4. Who abolished the religious tax Jaziya ?
answer: Akbar (in the year1564)

5. When did Akbar captured Gujarat ?
answer: In the year 1572

6. Who built the city Fathepur Sikri (City of Victory) ?
answer: Akbar

7. What was the early name of Fathepur Sikri ?
answer: City of Sikri

8. Who built Buland Darwaza ?
answer: Akbar (Buland Darwaza is the gate way of Fathepur Sikri)

9. Where is Ibadatkhana situated ?
answer: It is a prayer house in Fathepur Sikri ,constructed by Akbar

10. Who is the First English man to reach India ?
answer: Ralph Fitch (during Akbar's reign), he is known as pioneer English man or torch bearer English man

11. What is the name of religion founded by Akbar ?
answer: Din ilahi (It means Divine Faith)

12. What is the name of calender started by Akbar ?
answer: ilahi Calendar

13. In which battle Akbar defeated Maharana Pratap of Mewar ?
answer: Battle of Haldighat (In the year 1576)

14. Where is Haldighat mountain pass is situated ?
answer: Haldighat mountain pass is situated in the Aravally hills in Rajasthan.

15. Who was the Mughal Empire when the English East India Company was being founded in1600 December 31 ?
answer: Akbar

16. Where is the tomb of Akbar situated ?
answer: Sikandra near Agra

17. What is the name of Akbar's military system ?
answer: Mansabdari system

18. Who was Akbar's revenue minister ?
answer: Raja Todarmal

19. Which Mughal empire built Agrafort ?
answer: Akbar

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