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Important gk questions about Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange Index and Country (location)

Nikkiei , Pix =>> Tokyo (Japan)

Kospa =>> Korea

Bove spa =>> Brazil

Nasadq =>> USA

Simex =>> Singapore

Hang Seng =>> Hong Kong

Mid Dax =>> Frankfort

FTSE =>> London

* Stock Exchange Related Questions

1. Which is the oldest Stock Exchange in Asia ?
Answer: Bombay Stock Exchange

2. What is the full-form of SENSEX ?
Answer: Sensitive Index

3. In which street did Bombay Stock Exchange situate ?
Answer: Dalal Street

4. When did National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) founded?
Answer: 1992 (in 1993 it become stock exchange)

5. When did SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) formed ?
Answer: 1988 (Officialy started in 1992)

6. Which is the Worlds First Electronic Stock Exchange ?
Answer: NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations)

7. Which Stock Exchange has the nick name "Big Board" ?
Answer: New York Stock Exchange  (NYSE)

8. Which Stock Exchange is situated in Wall Street ?
Answer: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

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  4. What is name of Israel's public stock exchange?
    Answer: TASE(Tel Aviv Stock Exchange)


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