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Latest General knowledge questions on Astronomy

Important General knowledge Questions about the Planet Mercury

1. Which is the smallest planet ?
Answer: Mercury

2. Which is the Fastest Planet revolves around the Sun ?

Answer: Mercury

3. Which planet is the nearest to the Sun ?
Answer: Mercury

4. Which is the largest known crater in Mercury ?
Answer: Caloris Basin

5. Which Planet's name has the meaning 'Messenger of God' in Roman?
Answer: Mercury

6. How many Earth days are needed Mercury to orbits the Sun once ?
Answer: 88 days

7. Which planet was studied by Messenger Mission ?
Answer: Mercury

8. Which planets in the Solar system are devoid of natural satellites?

Answer: Mercury, Venus

9. Which was the first space craft to visit Mercury ?
Answer: Mariner-10

Important General knowledge Questions about the Planet Venus

1. Which is the Hottest planet in the solar system ?
Answer: Venus

2. Which are the Planets having no satellite ?
Answer: Venus , Mercury

3. Which is the Most Brightest Planet ?

Answer: Venus

4. Which planet has the name of a Roman Goddess of love ?
Answer: Venus

5. Which is the First spacecraft to soft-land on Venus ?
Answer: Venera 7 

6. Which Country started the Venera mission to study Venus ?
Answer: USSR (Russia)

* 7. What is the name of plateau seen on the planet Venus ?
Answer : Lakshmi Planum

* 8. Which planet's day is longer than its year ?
Answer: Venus

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