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Important Gk years

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Its a weekly report of Learn a Important "Year" Everyday programme.
Studying Year is very difficult that's why we started An Important Year A Day programme. These questions include Previously asked years, Frequently asked years, Important years for competitive exams.

Years updated in July

16. When did Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Started ?
Answer: in 1992

17. When did SAF games started?
Answer: in 1984

18. When did Greenpeace formed ?
Answer: in 1971

19. When were the first Ancient Olympics Started ?
Answer: in BC 776

20. When were the first Modern Olympics Started ?
Answer: in 1896

21. When did Rapid Action Force (RAF) Formed ?
Answer: in 1992

22. When did Dr. Ambedkar Foundation established ?
Answer: in 1992

23. When did CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) formed ?
Answer: in 1963 April 1

24. When was The first battle of Tarain fought ?
Answer: in 1191

25. When did Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize?
Answer: in 1913

26. When did CV Raman won the Nobel Prize?
Answer: in 1930

27. When did Har Gobind Khorana won the Nobel Prize?
Answer: in 1968

28. When did Mother Teresa won the Nobel Prize?
Answer: in 1979

29. When did Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar won the Nobel Prize?
Answer: in 1983

30. When did Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize?
Answer: in 1998

Years updated in September

Years updated in October

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