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Current affairs 2018 quick reference Questions : updated

Latest Current affairs questions 2018

Important current affairs gk questions and General awareness questions for all competitive exams

Newly elected president of Russia?
Answer: Vladimir putin

 who is the winner of 2017 Dadasaheb  phalke award?
answer:Vinod khanna
phalkhe award 2017
vinod khanna

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant is located at which state?
Answer:Jammu& Kashmir

Where is the venue for 2018 Fifa worldcup?
Answer: Russia

what's the mascot of 2018 Fifa worldcup?

UN International year of indigenous languages?

Who is the Present National Commission for Woman, Chairperson ?
Answer: Rekha sharma

Winner of Australian Open 2018 men's title
 answer:Roger Federer

Winner of Australian Open 2018 women's title
answer: Caroline Wozniacki

Who is the new chairman of ISRO(Indian space research organisation)?
Answer: K. Sivan 

 chief election commissioner of India(CEC) ?
Answer: Om Prakash Rawat

Which country was recently introduced currency "Petro"?
Answer: Venezuela 

Which country won 2018 hopman cup?
Answer: Switzerland

21st commonwealth games venue?
Answer: gold coast,Australia

2018 commonwealth games motto
answer: Share the Dream

2018 commonwealth games mascot
Answer: Borobi

who is the winner of under 19 cricket world cup? 

Who is the present Chinese  president ?
answer: Xi jinping

who is  the new president of cuba?
Answer:Miguel Díaz-Canel 

2018 french open men's title winner?
answer:Rafel nadal

2018 french open women's title winner?
answer: Jelena ostapenko

last updated on 10/05/2018

General Knowledge questions for Bank exams : updated


Important questions about Reserve Bank of India
: frequently asked questions in Bank Clerk, Bank PO exams.

*________Regulates the money circulation in India?
Answer: RBI

*  Banking regulation act was came to exist from which year?
Answer: 1949

RBI gk questions
1. When did Reserve Bank of India (RBI) formed?
Answer: 1935 april 1

2. When did Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Nationalised ?
Answer: 1949

3. Where was the first Headquarters of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ?
Answer: Kolkata

4. When did the Headquarters of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) moved to Mumbai ?
Answer: 1937

5. Who was the First Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor ?
Answer: Sir Osborne Smith

6. Who was the first Indian RBI Governor ?
Answer: C.D.Deshmukh

7. Which Commission recommended the formation of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ?
Answer: Hilton Young Commission (Royal commission)

8. Which is the central bank in India ?
Answer: RBI

* 9. Which bank is known as Banker's Bank ?
Answer: Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

* 10. Who is the present Governor of RBI ?
Answer:Urjit Patel

* 11. Who introduced the Banking Ombudsman Scheme ?
Answer: Reserve Bank of India

*12. who signs notes other than One rupee?
Answer: Reserve bank governor

*13. Who signs One rupee notes?
Answer: Finance Secretary

*14.Banking ombudsman was introduced in india from which year?
Answer: 1995

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Did you know Which Indian place is known as Pensioners' Paradise ?

GK questions : Committees and commissions behind Organisations

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Mukherjee Commission is related to?
Answer: Inquiry about Death of Subhas Chandra Bose

Panchayati raj was created under the recommendations of which commission?
Answer: Balwantt Rai Mehta Committee

 RBI was established on recommendations of which commission?
Answer: Hiton Young commission

IRDA was established on recommendation of which committees ?
Answer: R N Malhothra

Gadgil committee is associated with?
Answer:protection of Western Ghats

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