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2021 Current affairs Questions from Kerala Public Service Comission(PSC) Exams

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Important Current affairs and GK Questions from 2021 Kerala PSC Degree Level exams. 


First Women boxing referee in India? 

Answer: Razia Shabnam 


What is the Official song of ICC women's world cup 2022 called? 

Answer: Girl Gang 


Which of the following is an open source GIS software

Answer: QGIS 


Isohalines are lines joining places having equal? 

Answer: Salinity 


Which among the following games is related to the term Pitcher

Answer: Base ball 


The Headquarters of International Union for Conversation of Nature(IUCN) is at? 

Answer: Gland (Switzerland) 


Which is the first Rocket that runs in biofuel

Answer: StarDust 1.0 


_________is a multiple rocket launcher produced in India and developed by DRDO? 

Answer: Pinaka 


 Who won the title Champion of Champions in the World Shooting Championship




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Important GK questions related to Dam and Rivers

Expected GK Questions related to Dam and rivers

*** Which is the oldest dam in India?
        Answer: Kallanai Dam(Tamil Nadu)
1. In which River Hirakud dam (longest dam in India) is situated ?
   Answer: Mahanadi (Odisha)

2. In which River Bhakranangal dam (largest dam in India) is situated ?
    Answer: Sutlej (Himachal Pradesh)

3. In which River Tehri Dam (highest dam in India) is situated ?
Answer: Bhagirathi River (Uttarakhand)

4. In which River Nagarjunasagar Dam is situated ?
Answer: Krishna River

5. In which state the Baglihar Dam situates ?
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir (in river Chinab)

6. In which state the Ukai Dam situates ?
Answer: Gujarat (in river Tapti)

7. In which state the Pong Dam situates ?
Answer: Himachal Pradesh (in river Beas)

8. In which state the Koyna Dam situates ?
Answer: Maharashtra (in river Koyna)

9. In which state the Osman Sagar dam situates ?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh (in river Musi )

*10. The disputed "Babli project " is situated across the river? 

answer: Godavari

Dam and rivers around the world

1. Three Gorges Dam  is situated across the river?
Answer: Yangtze (China)

2. Hoover Dam  is situated across the river?
Answer: Colorado River (US)

3.Tarbela Dam is situated across the river?
Answer: Indus (Pakistan)
*4. Which is the Tallest Dam in the world?
Answer: Jinping-I Dam (china)
*5. Which is the oldest Dam in the world?
Answer: Lake Homs Dam(syria)

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GK and Current Affairs for Kids : class1

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Basic Gk Questions for KIDS

Most important simple GK questions for Kids under the age of 7 years.It enhances the basic knowledge about India and world

1.Who is the father of Indian nation?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

1a. Who is the Prime Minister of India?
answer: Narendra Modi

2. Who is the president of India?
Answer : Ram nath kovind

2a. Who is known as the First Citizen of India?
Answer: President of India

3.Who is the vice president of India?
Answer : Venkaiah Naidu

4.What is the national emblem of india?
Answer: Lion Capital of Ashoka

5.what is the national motto of india?
Answer: Satyameva Jayate

6.What is the national anthem of India?
Answer: Jana Gana Mana

7.Who wrote National Anthem?
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

8.What is the National song of india?
Answer: Vande Mataram

9.Who wrote National song of india?
Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterje

10. What is the capital of India?
Answer: New delhi

11. How many colors are there in national flag of India?
Answer: Three ( Saffron, White, and Green)

12. What is the color of ashoka chakra?
Answer: Navy Blue

13. How many line are there in Ashoka Chakra?
Answer: 24

14. how many states are there in india?
Answer: 28

15. how many union territories are there in india?
Answer: 8

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