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General knowledge Bits for competitive exams

Some Selected Important GK bits for all Competitive Exams 2016

1. Who is known as Modern Bhoja ?
Answer: Krishnadeva Raya

2. Who started Shudhi Movement ?
Answer: Dayananda Saraswathy

3. Which Pakistan President signed the Tashkent Agreement  ?
Answer: Ayub Khan

4. Which Substance is known as Philosopher's wool ?
Answer: Zinc Oxide

5. Which Vitamin helps in the absorption of Calcium ?
Answer: Vitamin D

6.Who discovered Rh Factor ?
Answer: Karl Landsteiner (the same person discovered Blood Group)

7. Who wrote the book Harmonies of World ?
Answer: Kepler

8. Where is the Headquarters of Amnesty International ?
Answer: London

9. Which is the shortest River in the world ?
Answer: Roe
gk questions concave

10. The image formed on the Retina of the human eye is ________ ?
Answer: Real and inverted

11.Who discovered Microphone ?
Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

gk questions convex lens12. Myopia (Short sightedness) can be corrected by using a  _______ lens ?
Answer: Concave

13. Hypermetropia (Long sightedness) can be corrected using a _________ ?
Answer: Convex lens

14. Erg is the unit of _____?
Answer: Work

15. Dyne is the unit of ______ ?
Answer: Force

16. Poise is the unit of _______ ?
Answer: Viscosity of fluid

Colour of different lamps

Sodium Vapour lamp  =>>  Yellow

Hydrogen Vapour lamp  =>>  Blue

Nitrogen Vapour lamp  =>>  Red

Mercury Vapour lamp  =>>  White

Neon Vapour Lamp  =>>  Orange

Chlorine Vapour Lamp  =>>  Green

* 17.Which cricketer has the nick name Haryana Hurricane ?
Answer: Kapil Dev

* 18. Who is the law Adviser of the central Government ?
Answer: Attorney General

* 19. Which is the acid present in tomato ?
Answer: Oxalic acid

* 20. Which disease is also known as Hansen's disease ?
Answer: Leprosy

* 21. Who gave the Pacific Ocean its name ?
Answer: Magellan

* 22.Which state has large number of cinema theater in India?
Answer: Andhara Pradesh

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Did you know which planet has the shortest day and night ?


  1. who discovered Artificial cardiac pacemaker ?

    Answer: Albert Hyman

  2. Important General knowledge Questions

    who discovered Aspirin ?

    Answer: Felix Hofman

  3. General knowledge bits 2012

    Which chemical is used to make artificial rain ?

    Answer: silver iodide

  4. General knowledge bits

    Which is the only one floating national park in the world ?

    Answer: Keibul Lamjao National Park (Loktak Lake in Manipur)

  5. the gk bits r v.good who provided this gk bits thanks to them

  6. who invented tab..?

  7. Who discovered ATM?

    1. ATM invented by John Shepherd-Barron

    2. John Shepherd-Barron
      Donald Wetzel

  8. First bank to provide atm in india. Hsbc

  9. best ... since analytical.. sense of newness..03448477789

  10. who give plan to establish 'railways'in India?

  11. Who is the law Adviser of the central Government ?
    cAG.....i think sir

  12. Which state has large number of cinema theater in India?

  13. What is the boundary line separating Pakistan from Afghanistan??

  14. What is the name for china's Moon mission for soft landing to moon ?
    Answer: Chang'e-3

  15. which is the district has low per capita income in karnataka

  16. balabandhu samaj was organised by???

  17. Thank you for sharing good contents.It's really helpful for me to learn good topics and various gk.

  18. blue vitriol -Copper Sulphate
    White Vitriol -Zinc Sulphate
    Green Vitriol - Ferrous Sulphate
    Oil of Vitriol -Sulphuric Acid
    Yellow cake - Uranium Dioxide
    Blue Gold -Water
    Red Lead -Tri Lead Tetroxide
    White Gold -Platinum
    Fools Gold -Iron Pyrite
    Dry ICE - Solid Carbon Dioxide
    HEAVY WATER - Deuterium Oxide(liquid hydrogen)
    Quick Silver -Mercury
    Little Silver- Platinum
    Wonder(Future) metal -Titanium
    Future Fuel -Hydrogen
    philosopher's wool -Zinc Oxide
    Wood Spirit - Methyl Alcohol
    Laughing Gas -Nitros Oxide
    Tear Gas - Benzoate Chloride
    Anti Chlore -Sulpher Dioxide
    Lunar Cast - Silver Nitrate
    Galena - Lead Sulphate
    Oil of Winter Green -Methyl Silicilite
    Thats 4 2day Thanks! Best wishes!!!!Thanks a lot

  19. First bitcoin ATM was opened at?
    Answer: Vancouver, Canada


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