General knowledge Bits for competitive exams

Some Selected Important GK bits for all Competitive Exams 2013

1. Who is known as Modern Bhoja ?
Answer: Krishnadeva Raya

2. Who started Shudhi Movement ?
Answer: Dayananda Saraswathy

3. Which Pakistan President signed the Tashkent Agreement  ?
Answer: Ayub Khan

4. Which Substance is known as Philosopher's wool ?
Answer: Zinc Oxide

5. Which Vitamin helps in the absorption of Calcium ?
Answer: Vitamin D

6.Who discovered Rh Factor ?
Answer: Karl Landsteiner (the same person discovered Blood Group)

7. Who wrote the book Harmonies of World ?
Answer: Kepler

8. Where is the Headquarters of Amnesty International ?
Answer: London

9. Which is the shortest River in the world ?
Answer: Roe
gk questions concave

10. The image formed on the Retina of the human eye is ________ ?
Answer: Real and inverted

11.Who discovered Microphone ?
Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

gk questions convex lens12. Myopia (Short sightedness) can be corrected by using a  _______ lens ?
Answer: Concave

13. Hypermetropia (Long sightedness) can be corrected using a _________ ?
Answer: Convex lens

14. Erg is the unit of _____?
Answer: Work

15. Dyne is the unit of ______ ?
Answer: Force

16. Poise is the unit of _______ ?
Answer: Viscosity of fluid

Colour of different lamps

Sodium Vapour lamp  =>>  Yellow

Hydrogen Vapour lamp  =>>  Blue

Nitrogen Vapour lamp  =>>  Red

Mercury Vapour lamp  =>>  White

Neon Vapour Lamp  =>>  Orange

Chlorine Vapour Lamp  =>>  Green

* 17.Which cricketer has the nick name Haryana Hurricane ?
Answer: Kapil Dev

* 18. Who is the law Adviser of the central Government ?
Answer: Attorney General

* 19. Which is the acid present in tomato ?
Answer: Oxalic acid

* 20. Which disease is also known as Hansen's disease ?
Answer: Leprosy

* 21. Who gave the Pacific Ocean its name ?
Answer: Magellan

* 22.Which state has large number of cinema theater in India?
Answer: Andhara Pradesh

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Did you know which planet has the shortest day and night ?


  1. who discovered Artificial cardiac pacemaker ?

    Answer: Albert Hyman

  2. Important General knowledge Questions

    who discovered Aspirin ?

    Answer: Felix Hofman

  3. General knowledge bits 2012

    Which chemical is used to make artificial rain ?

    Answer: silver iodide

  4. General knowledge bits

    Which is the only one floating national park in the world ?

    Answer: Keibul Lamjao National Park (Loktak Lake in Manipur)

  5. the gk bits r v.good who provided this gk bits thanks to them

  6. who invented tab..?

  7. Who discovered ATM?

    1. ATM invented by John Shepherd-Barron

    2. John Shepherd-Barron
      Donald Wetzel

  8. First bank to provide atm in india. Hsbc


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