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Current Affairs Questions : 2011 Census report

Current Affairs Questions from census 2011

These Current Affairs Questions and answers won't change till the year 2021, so you can study these questions without any hesitations.

1. What is the Total population of India according to 2011 census ?
Answer: 121 crore

2. Which is the most populous state in India ?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

3. Which is the least populous state in India ?
Answer: Sikkim

4.What is the rate of growth of population of India according to 2011 census ?
Answer:  17.64 %

5. Which state has the highest fertility rate in India ?
Answer: Meghalaya

6. What is the percentage of worlds population having in India?
Answer: 17.5 %

7.  Literacy Rate in India according to Census 2011?
Answer: 74.04 %

8. Which is the most literate state in India ?
Answer: Kerala (93.9%)

9. Which is the least literate state in India ?
Answer: Bihar (63.82%)

10. Which is the most literate Union territory in India ?
Answer: Lakshadweep (92.2%)

 11. Which is the least literate Union territory in India ?
Answer: Dadra and Nagar Haveli

12. Which is the most Literate districts of India ?
Answer: Serchhip (Mizoram)

13. Which is the least Literate districts of India ?
Answer: Alirajpur (Madhya Pradesh)

14. Which Indian state has high density of population ?
Answer: Bihar (1102)

15. Which Indian state has low density of population ?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh (17)

16. Which state in India has highest sex ratio ?
Answer: Kerala (1084/1000)

17. Which state in India has lowest sex ratio ?
Answer: Hariyana

18. What is the Density of Population of India ?
Answer: 382

19. What is the sex ratio of India ?
Answer: 940/1000

20. Which Union territory has highest sex ratio ?
Answer: Puducherry

* 21.Which Union territory has lowest population ?
Answer: Lakshadweep

* 22. What is the number of districts in India according to 2011 census  ?
Answer: 640

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  1. Great work. I am highly obligedthat you are sharing current affairs of 2012 of india with us. I really like that you are posting on daily basis and that too with good typical news which i didn't get from anywhere. i really appreciate your work.

  2. some of answer are wrong do not provide wrong information to the people
    Which Indian state has high density of population ? ans is not bihar its West Bengal

    1. According to 2011 census report, its answer is Bihar. In 2001 West Bengal had highest density population.

      Population density of Bihar = 1,102
      Population density of West Bengal = 1,029

      I am very glad that you try to help others by noting a error.

      Thank you.

    2. Very should help us more active.thanks

    3. Wow Hari Wow!
      Wht a cool way to respond to such pretending nerds, who counter a samaritan, with a vague & deluding remark.

      Thanks for the ready-ref. compilation of GK..

    4. My dear its not even West Bengal,its actually Delhi.11,297 persons living per square kilometre.Populous city of the world....!

    5. sorry my friend we are discussing about state not city.
      Delhi is the union territory having highest population density
      Bihar is the state with highest population density.

      This is the tricky part of questions in competitive exams.

    6. Density of population is defined as the number of persons per The population density of India in 2011 was 382 per Bihar with 1,106 population persons per is most thickly populated state followed by West Bengal (1,028) and Kerala (860).

  3. Please provide a search box .its a easiest way to search any topic.

    1. We already provided the search boxes. Our custom search box on the top of the post and web search box on the bottom of the post.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  4. There is a mistake in one of the questions
    According to Census 2011, Delhi is the densely populated state.

  5. Well noted with thanks ....

    Delhi is National Capital Territory, usually they don't counted in states.
    In the above list the UT's also included..

    So When counting only the states Bihar has high density of Population..

    The Union Territory with the highest population density is Delhi.

    Thank you..

  6. I really like this if u keep updating questions. Wel, keep it up sir. It wil help us alots.

  7. Your blog is superb.

  8. superb. superb. superb. superb..........

  9. I need some general science questions ... please suggest...this is my weak point.

  10. Sir, just like that please upload the details of Census 2011 of West Bengal.

  11. Sir, you could have included the literacy rate of male and female too.

    69.76% males and 55.97% females are Literates in India.

    Hope it Helps..

    Source :

  12. Lowest child sex ratio is in haryana
    Lowest sex ratio is in daman and diu


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