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General knowledge questions : Postal system

Possible questions (frequently asked) for Postal assistant aptitude test about Postal System. These essential questions will help you attain a high score on the exam.

1. Which Governor general found Telegraph and Postal systems?
Answer: Lord Dalhousie

2. When did the first General Post Office open in India?
Answer: 1774 (Kolkata)

3. Which is the first postage stamp of India?
Answer: Scinde Dawk (1852)

4. What is the Full form of PIN?
Answer: Postal Index Number

5. When did the Pin system Start in India?
Answer: 1972 (In the same year Royal Bengal Tiger replaces the lion as National Animal)

6. Which is the first Indian post office outside Indian territory?
Answer: post office at Dakshin Gangotri in Antarctica (1983)

7. When did the service of speed post start in India?
Answer: 1986

8. In which year was the Money Order system introduced in India?
Answer: 1880

9. In which year Postal Life Insurance started in India?
Answer: 1884

10. Where is postal staff college situated ?
Answer: Ghaziabad (UP)

11. World Postal Day is observed in _________ ?
Answer: October 9

12. Indian Postal Day is observed in _________ ?
Answer: October 10

13. Where is the highest post office in the world situated?
Answer: Hikkim (Himachal Pradesh)

14. When did Universal Postal Union found?
Answer: 1874

*15. Where is the Headquarters of Universal Postal Union (UPU) 
Answer:  Berne (Switzerland)
16. First Postal ATM was opened in which city?
Answer: Chennai

*17. Where is the Headquarters of Indian postal system?
Answer: New Delhi

*18. what is the purpose of Project arrow?
Answer:  Upgrade post offices in India(started in april 2008)

*19. Hobby of collecting stamps is called?
Answer: Philately 

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  1. First stamp in world in 1840

    First stamp in India in 1852

    First stamp in independent India is in 1947 Nov 21

    First Indian in Stamp in 1948 Aug 15 (Gandhiji)

    1. Article 124 {Supreme court}October 19, 2012 at 3:05 PM

      First Indian King in the Postal Stamp ?

      Answer: Chandra Gupta Mauryan

    2. first indian stamp was introduced in the year 1852, named: scinde dawk by the sindh......thank you

    3. Thank you so much!for giving such questions.

    4. Thank you so much, for giving question

  2. "thank's "these questions will definately help me to gain more marks in exam...!

  3. Governer who built indian postal system also railway
    lord dalhousie

  4. Post office only for lady recently opened by kapil sibbal is in?
    New delhi

  5. post office in Dakshin gangothri starated on 26-01-1988

  6. Which state in india first implemented speed post in all their post offices?

  7. What is India's first e-post office in India

  8. Which,one and only governer general introduced and developed the postal service in british india ? Ans--- dalhousie

  9. wich day first post office started in mumbai?

  10. First Mughal emperor appeared in postal stamp : Akbar

  11. who is the first post women of India

  12. First Indian queen in postal stamp???

  13. Which country issued stamps whic smelt and halted of chocolates ans=Belgium

  14. Which is the economic Capital of India?

  15. Thank u so much ...... it would be better if you add some long answer questions as well


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