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General knowledge Questions: nick names

Famous Persons and Nicknames

Persons with Polpular names

Previously asked gk questions from nick name

1. Bengali Tiger =>> Bibin Chandra Pal

2. Punjab Lion, Punjab Kesari =>> Lala Lajpat Rai

3. Sher- e -Punjab =>> Ranjit Singh

4. Lion of Kashmir =>> Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah

5. Mysore Tiger =>> Tippu Sultan

6. Bard of Avon  =>> William Shakespeare

7. Sage of Kanchi =>> Sankaracharya

* 8. Bird man of India =>> Salim Ali

9. Maratha Kesari =>> Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Did you know who started the newspapers Maratta and Kesari ?

10. Bapu =>> Gandhiji

11. Babuji =>> Jagjeevan Ram

12. Indian Machiavelli =>> Chanakya

13. Indian Napoleon =>> Samudragupta

14. Indian Bismarck =>> Sardar Vallabhai Patel

15. Indian Shakespeare =>> Kalidasa

16. Deenabandhu =>> C.F Andrews

17. Deshabandhu =>> C.R Das

18. Who is known as Prince of Beggars =>> Madan Mohan Malaviya

19. Who is known as Prince of Patriots =>> Subash Chandra Bose

20.  Who is known as prince of Martyrs  =>>  Bhagat Singh

21. Who is known as prince of Builders  =>>  Shahjahan

22. Who is known as prince of Pilgrims  =>>  Hiuen Tsang

23. Who is known as prince of Autobiography  =>>  Babur

24. Who is known as prince of Money Makers  =>>  Muhammad bin Tughlaq

25. Who is known as prince of Pilgrims  =>>  Hiuen Tsang

26. Who is known as Grand old man of Indian Journalism  =>>  Tushar Kanti Ghosh

*  27. Man of Destiny =>> Napoleon Bonaparte

* 28. Andhara Kesari =>> T. Prakasam

* 29. Lok Nayak =>> Jayaprkash Narayan

* 30. Father of Medicine =>> Hippocrates

* 31. Lady with the lamp =>> Florence Nightingale

* 32. Poet's Poet =>> Edmund Spencer

* newly updated

Did you know Whose samadhi sthal is known as Buddha Poornima Park ?

Did you know who used the word Swaraj first ?


  1. Machiavelli is Europe's Chanakya. Shakespeare is Europe's Kalidasa, Napoleon is Europe's Samudragupta. Not the other way around. The Europeans had not even lernt to wear loin cloths when these great Indians lived.

  2. You are correct.its a type of colonism


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