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Important gk questions and answers about Shahjahan

1. What was the early name of Shahjahan ?
Answer: Khurram

2. Which Mughal Empire's period is considered as the Golden Age of Mughal Architecture ?
Answer: Shahjahan

3. Which Mughal Empire is known as the Prince of Builders ?
Answer: Shahjahan

4. Who is the architect of Tajmahal ?
Answer: Uztad Iza

5. Which Mughal Empire built the Redfort ?
Answer: Shahjahan

6. What is the Gate way of Redfort called as ?
Answer: Lahore Gate

7. Which is the biggest masjid in India ?
Answer: Juma Masjid in delhi which is constructed by Shahjahan

8. Who built the famous Peacock Throne ?
Answer: Shahjahan (It was abducted by Nadirshah)

Do you know Who built the Agra Fort ?

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  1. general knowledge quiz
    Which Mughal King is known as "the prince of builder" ?

    Answer: Shahjahan

  2. aurangazeb is also called as alamgir


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