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General knowledge questions and answer 2016 : updated

Randomly selected General knowledge questions and answer 2016 for Intelligence Bureau and all competitive exams

Highest mountains in seven continents

a. Highest mountain in Asia?
Answer: Mount Everest

b. Highest mountain in Africa?
Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro

c. Highest mountain in north america?
Answer: Denali

d. Highest mountain in south america ?
Answer: Aconcagua

e. Highest mountain in antarctica?
Answer: Vinson Massif

f. Highest mountain in europe?
Answer: Mount Elbrus

g. Highest mountain in australia?
Answer: Mount Kosciuszko

1. Who wrote the song "Sare jahan se acha" ?
Answer: Muhammad Iqbal

2. Who give music to the song "Sare jahan se acha" ?
Answer: Pandit Ravi Shankar

3. Which is the worlds oldest news agency ?
Answer: AFP (Agence France Presse)

4. What is the chemical name of Tear Gas ?
Answer: Chloroacetophenone

5. Which is the only hobby recognized by the United Nations ?
Answer: Ham Radio

6. What is the national flower of Pakistan ?
Answer: Jasmine

7. What is the scientific name of Cockroach ?
Answer: Periplaneta americana

8. What is the unit of luminous intensity ?
Answer: Candela

9. What is the unit of  pressure?
Answer: Pascal

10. What is the unit of magnetic field?
Answer: Tesla

10 a. What is the unit of power ?

11. Which famous writer is known as Father of Snow Golf ?
Answer: Rudyard Kipling

12. How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution ?
Answer: 12

13. Which planet is known as Red planet ?
Answer: Mars

14. Which European countries are separated by Market Reef ?
Answer: Finland and Sweden
Market reef Gk questions

15. Who is the author of Panchtantra ?
Answer: Vishnu Sharma

16. Which is the coldest planet in solar system ?
Answer: Neptune

17. The Rourkela Steel Plant in Odisha was built with the collaboration of  _____ ?
Answer: Germany

18. The Durgapur Steel Plant in West Bengal was built with the collaboration of  _____ ?
Answer: Britain

19. The Bhilai Steel Plant in Chattisgarh was built with the collaboration of  _____ ?
Answer: Russia

20. Who is the first and only Muslim lady ever to rule the throne of Delhi ?
Answer: Razia Sultana

21. Who composed the national anthem of Bangladesh (Amar sona bangla) ?

22. Who wrote the book Planned economy for India ?
Answer: M. Visvesvaraya (He is known as father of Indian planning, his birthday September 15 is observed as Engineer's Day in India )

23. Which is the oldest sports in the world ?
Answer: Archery  ( It is the national sports of Bhutan)

24. What is the normal duration of Hockey game ?
Answer: 70 Minuets

25. Which Minor Rock Edict of Asoka describes the conquest of Kalinga by Asoka ?
Answer: No. XIII (13)

* 26. Who is the author of Joy of Numbers ?
Answer: Shakuntala Devi

* 27. Who is the creator of the painting The Potato Eaters ?
Answer: Vincent van Gogh

*28. Folketing is the parliament of which country ?
answer: Denmark

* 29. What s the chemical name of Lime stone ?
Answer: Calcium Carbonate

* 30. Zero degree centigrade equal to _________ degree Fahrenheit ?
Answer:  32

*31. Zero Kelvin in Kelvin scale is equal to ____________degree Celsius in Celsius scale ?
Answer: -273.5 Degree Celsius

* newly updated
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Did you know which is the second most spoken language in the world ?


  1. Hello sir
    great work. I am appering this year postal asst/sa examination so please inform which are the best books available for preaparation to cover all syllabus


  2. gk question

    Which hormone regulates blood pressure ?

    Answer: Adrenaline

  3. general knowledge

    Ropar wetland is in which state ?

    Answer: Punjab

  4. Gk questions

    Which is the first space station ?

    Answer: Salyut 1

  5. gk questions

    Deimos and phobos are the satellites of ?

    Answer: Mars

  6. Gk questions

    Which Indian state has largest forest area ?
    Answer: Madhya Pradesh

    Which Indian state has largest forest area on percentage base ?
    Answer : Mizoram

    my blog entrance chemistry

    1. no man you are wrong the Indian state has largest forest area on percentage base is sikkim with 47.3%

    2. No Anita G .it is mizorzm with more than 90 % forest cover.

  7. Gk questions

    Who is known as the father of Barcode ?

    answer: Norman Woodland

  8. Which is the best refer book in the market for gk.

    1. (Improve your gk ) it is an easily available book

  9. general knowledge questionsMarch 23, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    Which is the acid present in grapes ?

    Tartaric acid

  10. First women chief minister

    Ans:sucheta kriplani

  11. Which hormone is known as emergency hormone ?

    Answer: adrenalin

  12. who is the 16th president of america? ans»abraham lican

  13. who is the first president of china? ans»mao zedong

    1. no you are wrong

      the first president of china is Sun Yat-Sen

  14. Which is the oldest oil refinery in India ?

    Answer: Digboi

  15. Who was ruling over Pakistan at the time when Bangladesh became independent ?

    Answer: yahya khan

  16. A Nuclear reaction must be balanced in terms of ?

    1. mass number and atomic number not only that but the main factors3re these two...!

  17. very helpful, keep up your good work.

  18. What is the full form for "cii"- Confederation of Indian Industry

  19. Chhattisgarh sub inspector ki preparation ke liye kaun c book lu.
    Abhi tak kisi bhi competitive exam me appear nhi hua hu.

  20. who is the first pilot of india

    ans JRD tata

  21. I think we should improve more knowledge

  22. who is the first woman pilot of india

    ans Sarla Thakral

  23. Which is the worlds largestest news agency ?
    Answer: United Press International

  24. which planet rotates in clockwise direction ?

  25. Who was the first women finance minister of India?? ANS: Sabmita Indra redy

    1. Anisha it is wrong "first women finance minister of India is Upinderjit Kaur"
      Sabmita Indra redy is first woman Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh & She is the first women home Minister for Andhra Pradesh

  26. helo sir good knowlede and thank you

  27. which country is known as the land of golden fleece?
    ans- Australia

  28. how many medals are won by India in Rio Olympics 2016?
    ANS- 2 MEDALS (1 silver, 1 bronze)

  29. can anyone give me the hardest 1question or try this (9)^99999999

    1. which state is known as orange state

  30. who is education minister of india???

  31. Who is known as the father of digital revolution? ?

  32. ques: apple contains which acis??
    ans: mallic acid

  33. when was pluto discategorized into a dwarf planet??
    ans: 24 aug 2006

  34. which is the largest Dino at the Jurrasic time?
    ans- Gigantosaurs

  35. what is the wettest place on earth

    ans- mawsynram of meghalaya


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