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World's famous Fathers: Gk questions questions for railway exams

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Gk Questions  related to "Father of"  is common in Railway exams. Lists here some for your reference 


1. Father of cloning = Ian Wilmut

2. Father of Printing = Guttenberg

3. Father of history = Herodotus

4. Father of economics = Adam Smith

5. Father of Socialism = Robert Owen

6. Father of Sociology = Augustus Comte

*7. Father of Scientific Socialism = Karl Marx

8. Father of Co-operation = Robert Owen

9. Father of English Poetry = Geoffrey Chaucer

10. Father of Essay = Montaigne

11. Father of Renaissance = Petrarch

12. Father of Reformation = Martin Luther King

13. Father of Genetics = Gregor Mendel

14. Father of Modern Cartoon = William Hogarth

15. Father of Psychology = Sigmund Freud

16. Father of Greek Democracy = Clesthenes

17. Father of Nuclear Physics = Rutherford

18. Father of Modern Tourism = Thomas Cook

19. Father of Green Revolution = Norman Borlaug

20. Father of Jurisprudence = John Locke

21.Father of Science = Galileo Galilei

22. Father of psychology =  Wilhelm Wundt

23. Father of computer = Charles Babbage

24. Father of computer science = Alan Turing

25. Father of internet = Vint Cerf

26. Father of genetics = Gregor Mendel

*27. Father of super computer = Seymour Cray

*28. Father of modern medicine = Hippocrates

*29. Father of homeopathy = Samuel Hahnemann

*30. Father of Indian constitution = Ambedkar

*31. Father of Indian unrest = Bal Gangadhar Tilak

*32. Father of Indian budget  = Mahalnobis

*33. Father of Indian cinema = Dadasaheb Phalke

*34. Father of Indian ecology = Ramdeo Misra

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