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Latest General knowledge questions: Indian Constitution

Indian constitution is a major topic in all competitive exams, so we are going to discuss some previously asked important gk questions about  Indian Constitution.

Important Questions About Borrowed Features in Indian Constitution
General knowledge constitution of india

1. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Fundamental Rights ?
Answer: America (USA)

2. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Supreme Court ?
Answer: America (USA)

3. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Preamble ?
Answer: America (USA)

4. From Which country India Borrowed Written Constitution ?
Answer: America (USA)
5. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Fundamental Duties ?
Answer: Russia (USSR)
6. From Which country India Borrowed Five year Plan ?
Answer: Russia (USSR)

7. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Speaker in Lok Sabha ?
Answer: Britain (UK)
8. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Parliamentary Election ?
Answer: Britain (UK)
9. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Election Commission ?
Answer: Britain (UK)
10. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed 'Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the Emergency' ?
Answer: Germany

11. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Concurrent list ?
Answer: Australia
12. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Federal System ?
Answer: Canada

13. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Union - State List ?
Answer: Canada

14. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Amendment of the Constitution ?
Answer: South Africa

15. From which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Directive principles 
Answer:  Ireland

Previously asked gk questions about Constitution Amendments in competitive exams

1. Which amendment is known as Mini constitution ?
Answer: 42 nd amendment (1976)

2. In which amendment did the Preamble amended ?
 Answer: 42 nd amendment

3. In which amendment did Right to property is removed from the Fundamental Rights ?
Answer: 44 th amendment (1978)

4. In which amendment did the voting age is lowered form 21 to 18 ?
Answer: 61 st amendment (1989)

5.which amendment created the National Capital Territory of Delhi ?
Answer: 69 st amendment (1991)

6. Which amendment lead to the creation of Panchayat Raj ?
Answer: 73 st amendment (1992)

Latest general knowledge questions about Constitution Articles in competitive exams

1. Fundamental Right are granted to citizens under which Article ?
Answer: Article 12 to 35

2. 'Right to Equality' is guaranteed to the citizens of India under Article ?
Answer: Article 14

3. Article 17 of the Indian Constitution provides for ?
Answer: Abolition of Untouchability

4. Which article deals with Right to elementary Education ?
Answer: Article 21 A

5. Which article is known as Necessary Evil ?
Answer: Article 22

6. Which article has banned employment of children below the of 14 in hazardous industries and factories ?
Answer: Article 24

7. Which article is known as Heart and Soul of the Constitution ?
Answer: Article 32

*8.Which article deals with Organization of village panchayat?
Answer: Article 40

*9.Which article deals with Uniform civil code?
Answer: Article 44

10. Which article deals with the free and compulsory education to all children below 14 years of age ?
Answer:  Article 45

11. Which Article deals with the Fundamental Duties ?
Answer: Article 51 A

12. Which Article relates to the establishment of Finance Commission ?
Answer: Article 280

*13. Which article of constitution deals with . Public Service Commissions for the Union and for the States?
Answer: Article 315 

14. Which is the Article that provides special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir ?
Answer: Article 370

* newly updated
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    1. Thank you.

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      Article 280 =>> Finance commission

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  15. Article 108- joint sitting of lok sabha and rajya sabha

  16. From which country DPSP has been borrowed. and ireland

    1. Directive principles are borrowed from ireland

  17. A man is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice his son's . The present age if his son is?

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    1. From Australia preamble's language is. But preamble was borrowed from America.

  20. Fundamental duties from Japan not ussr

  21. Manoj sir... u r right that the formate of preamble is from USA but the Fundamental duties are not borrowed form japan its form USSR.

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