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2018 Computer GK Repeated Questions and Answers

Advanced Computer related GK Questions, Frequently asked Computer GK Questions From KERALA PSC Exams

Which protocol is used to retrieve mail from the mail server?
Answer: Pop 3

who founded the Linux kernel?
Answer: Linus Torvalds

HTML stands for?
Answer: Hyper Text Markup Language

CORE in Core banking stands for?
Answer: Centralized online Real-time Exchange

First generation of computer is based on which technology?
Answer: Vacuum Tube

Microprocessor was introduced in which generation?
Answer: Fourth generation

GUI stands for?
Answer: Graphical User Interface

EEPROM Stands for?
Answer: Electrically Erasable Programmable Read only memory

SMPS Stands for ?
Answer: Switched mode Power supply

What does DMA stands for?
Answer: Direct Memory Access

The data of Optical disk is read with the help of which?
Answer: Photo electric sensor

EBCDIC stands for?
Answer: Extended Binary coded Decimal Interchange Code

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  1. Some more Important Computer GK Questions

    The First electronic digital computer of the world?
    answer: ENIAC

    First fully computerised village of India?
    Answer: Vellanadu in Thiruvananthapuram

  2. LISP is the computer programing language used for ?


  3. DES stands for?
    answer: Data Encryption Standard


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