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Computer Related GK Questions from competitive exams

computer related  questions from PSC Exams

1. Who invented Laptop ?
Answer: Adam Osborne

2. Who is the first programmer
Answer: Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada King-Noel)

3. The Information technology act was came in to existence from which year?
Anser: 2000

4. The inventor of www (World wide web) ?
answer: Tim Berner's lee

5. Computer Mouse was invented  by ?
Answer: Douglas Engelbart

6. Computer Mouse is which type of device(Input/output)?
Answer:  Input device

some other Input devices are - keyboard, scanner, joystick 

examples of Output devices: Printer, monitor, speakers, projector

7. What is the full form for USB ?
Answer: Universal serial bus

8.What is the purpose of BUS in computer?
Answer: BUS connects components of computer 

9. what is the full form for  RAM
Answer: Random access memory

10. what is the full form for  ROM
Answer: Read only memory

11*. Who is the father of computer science?
Answer: Alan turing

12*. Who is the father of computer ?
Answer: Charles Babbage

13*. Who is the founder of hotmail ?
 Answer: Sabeer Bhatia

14*. Device used for modulation and demodulation of signals?
Answer: modem  

 15.   Information technology act 2000 was came in to force from which date?
Answer: 17 october  2000

 Simple Computer linked Questions

*16. First electronic computer?
answer: ENIAC

*17. ENIAC stands for?
Answer: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator

*18. Vacuum Tubes are used in which Generation of computers?
Answer: First Generation of computers

*19. Transistors are used in which Generation of computers?
Answer: Second Generation of computers

*20. IC chips are used in which Generation of computers?
Answer: Third Generation of computers

*21. Micro processors are used in which Generation of computers?
Answer: Fourth Generation of computers

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  1. 1.What is the full form for UPS ?
    Answer: Uninterruptible power supply

  2. Who is the founder of free software foundation?
    Answer:Richard stallman

  3. Who is known as the father of Internet?

  4. some important Expansions of computer terms

    MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Reader

    BCR- Bar Code Reader

    OMR- Optical Mark Reader

    OCR- Optical Character Reader

    VDU- Visual Display Unit

    CRT- Cathode Ray Tube

    LED- Light Emitting Diode

    SATA- Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (computer BUS)

    PATA- Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (computer BUS)

    USB- Universal Serial Bus

  5. Which is the first computer game?
    Space war

    A group of four bits is known as ?

    What is the full form for SMTP ?
    Simple mail Transfer protocol

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