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Important Computer Gk Questions

General knowledge questions about

1. What is the name of Encyclopedia started by Google ?
Answer: Knol

2. Who is the Father of super computer ?
Answer: Seymour Cray

3. Who is the father of Indian Super Computer ?
 Answer: Vijay Bhatkar

4. Which is the India's First Super Computer ?
Answer: PARAM 8000

5. Which is worlds Fastest super Computer ?
Answer:  Titan (IBM Sequoia is now in second place)

6. Which Company is known as Big Blue ?
Answer: IBM

7. Who is the first computer programmer ?
Answer: Ada King

8. Who built Mechanical analog computer ?
Answer: Lord Kelvin

9. Who wrote the book Business @ the speed of thought ?
Answer: Bill Gates

10. Who is the Father of Cellular Phone ?
Answer: Martin Cooper

11. What is the full form of CAD ?
Answer: Computer Aided Design

* 12. Where is the first Cyber Police Station in India ?
Answer: Bangalore

* 13. Where is the first Cyber Police Station in kerala ?
Answer:  Pattom (Thiruvananthapuram)

* 14. Where is the first Cyber Police Station in Asia ?
Answer: Singapore

* 15. Where is the first Cyber Post office in India ?
Answer: Chennai

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  1. * Important gk question *

    The fastest super computer changed > Titan is the new fastest computer.
    The post will be edited soon.

  2. Though this is not the fastest computer at once you want to just edit it by the new configuration of the new fastest computer of the world.

    Want to secure your website go here

  3. Thank you Jacob for remembering

    I know I am gonna forget to edit, that's why I Commented When I noted the Change in Super Computer. Thank you. Its done ..

  4. What to say i praise of this blog, which contains a lot of amazing information as well as the thoughtful writes.

  5. What is the full form fo "nic" -Network interface controller

  6. China's Tianhe-2 is the fastest super computer in the world

    1. Sunway taihulight,with the speed of of June 2016
      Tianhe-2(milkyway-2) speed-33.86pflops

  7. First operating system?
    Answer: DOS operating system

    Transistor was invented by ?
    Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley

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