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General knowledge Questions for competitive Exams: Viceroy

Events and Acts which associated with Viceroy / Governor general

Lord Dalhousie =>> Railway started in India, Post and Telegraph, Doctrine of Lapse

Lord William Bentick =>> Abolition of Sati, English Eduction in India, Simon Commission

Lord Wellesley =>> Subsidary Alliance

Lord linlithgow =>> Quit India Movement, Cripps Mission (1942)

Lord Rippon =>> Local Self Government, Factory Act, Repeal of Vernacular Press Act

Lord Lytton =>> Vernacular Press Act, Arms Act

Lord Munro =>> Ryotwari

Lord Curzon =>> Partition of Bengal

Lord Mountbatten =>> Partition of India, Indian independence Act (1947),

* Who is known as Babur of British India ?
Answer: Robert Clive

* Which Governor General Started Permanent Settlement tax in Bengal ?
Answer: Cornwallis

* Who is the Viceroy of India during Quit India Movement ?
Answer: Linlithgow

* Who is known as Father of Indian Civil Service ?
Answer: Cornwallis

* Who is the last Governor general of Free India ?
Answer: C. Rajagopalachari

* Who is known as Akbar of British India ?
Answer: Wellesley

*Who gave Gandhiji Title of Kesar-e-Hind?
Answer: Lord Hardinge

*British governor general who prepared the fist census of India? 
Answer: Lord Mayo

*Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of the formation Of Indian national congress?
Answer: Lord Dufferin

*The general governor who organized police force in India ?
Answer: Lord Cornvallis 
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Did you know who built the Brihadeswara Temple ?


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