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General knowledge : Confusing questions

Confusing facts

1. Where is the headquarters of IOC (International Olympic Committee) ?
Answer: Switzerland (Lausanne)
2. Where is the headquarters of ICC (International Cricket Council) ?
Answer: Dubai3. Where is the headquarters of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) ?
Answer: Switzerland (Zurich)

4. World postal day ?
Answer: October 95. Indian postal day ?
Answer: October 10

6. The Capital of Pakistan ?
Answer: Islamabad

7. The first capital of Pakistan ?
Answer: Karachi

8. Which river is known as Sorrow of Bengal ?
Answer: Damodar9. Which river is known as Sorrow of Bihar ?
Answer: Kosi River

10. Which river is known as Sorrow of Odisha ?
Answer: MahaNadi

11. Which river is known as Sorrow of China ?
Answer: Huang Ho

12. Who discovered Nitrogen gas?
Answer: Ernest Rutherford13. Who discovered Hydrogen gas?
Answer: Henry Cavendish

14. Who discovered Benzene ?
Answer: Michael Faraday

* 15. Who is the first American president to visit India ?
Answer: Eisenhower

* 16. Who is the first British prime minister to visit India ?
Answer: Harold Macmillan

* 17. Most number of news paper published in which state ?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

* 18. State which publishing newspapers  in most languages in India ?
Answer: Odisha

* 19. Which is the Indian state that do not publishes news paper ?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

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Did you know who called gandhiji as Mahatma ?


  1. gud information

  2. thnx a lot for d unlimited knowledge...

  3. very helpful in attaining knowledge about vast world as well as clearance of doubts..

  4. this site is very useful for knowing the G.knowledge and competion to get the govt. jobs.

  5. Tagore called Gandhi mahathma... right?

  6. tagore is correct ans and has to remember the year also... and it is in 1917......... and s.c bose calls as "father of the nation" in 1944

  7. and s.c bose calls, gandhi as " father of nation" in 1944

  8. Sir pls expected question related to rrb railway exam.

  9. Nitrogen discovered by Daniel Rutherford not earnest


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