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Indian Defence General knowledge questions

Gk questions about Indian Defence

1. Who is known as the father of Indian army ?
Answer: Major Stringer Lawrence

2. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian Army ?
Answer: Major Stringer Lawrence 

3. 1st Indian to became Commander in Chief of Army?
Answer: Km kariyappa

4. Who is known as Kipper ?
Answer: Km Kariyappa

5. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian air force in Independent India ?
Answer: Thomas Walker Elmhirs 

6. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian Navy ?
Answer:  R D Kathari

* 7. Who is the commander in chief of Indian army when India got independence ?
Answer: Robert Lockhart

* 8. Which is India's first and only military base outside Indian territory ?
answer: Farkhor Air Base (Tajikistan)

* 9. Who is the first Field Marshal (highest rank in the Indian Army) of Independent India ?
Answer: Sam Manekshaw

* 10. In which year Indian air force established ?
Answer: 1932 October 8

* 11. Indian Army Day observed on ?
Answer: January 15

* 12. Indian Airforce Day observed on ?
answer: October 8

* 13. Indian Navy Day observed on ?
Answer: December 4

* 14. Which is the largest Cantonment (military area) in India ?
Answer: Bathinda (and in Asia also)

*15. India's first Nuclear submarine?
Answer: INS Arihant

More gk questions about Indian defence will be added soon......

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  1. These are some Current Affairs Questions of this month:

    1. Who was honoured with the posthumous Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award?

    Ans- Pandit Ravi Shankar

    2. Which state has bagged National e-Governance Gold award 2012-13?

    Ans- Madhya Pradesh

    3) The international Olympic Committee has announced to remove which sport from 2020 Olympic Games?

    Ans- Wrestling

    4) What is the name of India’s fastest super computer?

    Ans- Param Yuva-II

    5)Which bank publishes the purchasing Managers’ index in India?

    Ans- HSBC

    Regards:- Latest Current Affairs

    1. I think fastest siper computer is saga 220

    2. question is wrong,,actually it's about most advanced supercomputer in terms of calculations..

  2. who was the 1st education minister of india after indepedent?

  3. Please add more GK questions on defence soon.I will be very much thankful.

  4. which is the latest Indian entry into the UNESCO world heritage list??
    hill forts of rajasthan

  5. help me to find the sample qns for INDIAN COAST GUARD EXAM ,,,..

  6. 51st recipients of the bharatiya janapith award Raghuveer chaudhary work on gujarati literature 2015

    1. He won Jnanpith award for his novel amritha


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