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Indian Coast guard Navik Previous question

Navik gd previous questions

When I got the hall ticket for Indian Coast Guard Navik, I searched for Previous questions (just to know, what they going to ask). But I didn't get any.  Because they don't give the question papers after the exam.
I will give outline about what they going to ask.

There is no negative marks so don't leave any questions unanswered.

Mathematics questions that were asked in 2013 ICG Navik >There is questions from LCM & HCF, time & work, SI & CI, profit and loss, problems on Train, percentage etc

English questions that were asked in 2013 ICG Navik > antonyms, Synonyms, etc
two questions being asked from proverbs, that is

1. A stitch in time saves ______?
answer: 9

2. _____ wasn't built in a day ?
Answer: Rome

Physics & Chemistry questions that were asked in 2013 ICG Navik > Every question in chemistry and physics are from +2 textbook and most of them are maths.

Physics > maths related to gravity, questions related to Dimensional Formula, maths related to Kinetic Energy and Potential energy,  Maths related to Tension, etc.

Chemistry is also filled with maths >  maths questions from Mole, Sorry I can't remember more.....

then Mental Ability.

If you are selected in written test, there will be physical test on the same day. so be prepared..
If you pass the Physical test, there will be medical test on the next day.

To know more gk

N.B.: This info is according to the 2013 coast guard exam on Western Zone (kochi), these procedures may change according to the Date and Zone, So please use your Brain.

Did you know who is known as Lady with lamp ?


  1. thanx for your support...

  2. haw many questions wil be in mental ability test and how many questions will be in general knowledge

  3. how many questions will be asked in mental ability test and how many questions will be asked in GK

  4. is there any questions based on general knowledege?...plz reply me


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