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general knowledge questions

General knowledge questions about Important lines on map

Contour line =>> lines join places of equal height

Isobath =>> Lines join ocean of similar depth

Isohalines =>> Lines join the ocean having equal salinity

Isohels =>> Lines join places of equal sunshine

Isotherms =>> Lines join places of equal temperature

Isohytes =>> Lines join places of equal rainfall

Isobars =>> Lines join places of equal pressure 

Isobronts =>>  Lines join places experiencing a thunderstorm simultaneously 

Did you know which is the least literate union territory in India ?


  1. first man who introduced printing press in India ?

  2. who was the 1st president in the world ?

    1. United states first president george washington is the first elected president in the world

      First women president is maria isabel peron from argentina


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