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General knowledge questions UNO

Important General knowledge questions about United Nations Organization

1. When did UN charter signed ?
Answer: 1945 June 26

2. Who coined the name United Nations Organization ?
answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt

3. Who signed UN charter for India ?
Answer: Ramaswami Mudaliar

4. Where is the head quarters of UN ?
answer: New York

5. When UNO came into existence ?
Answer: 1945 October 24

6. UN day is observed on ?
answer: October 24

7. What is the total number of member countries in United Nations Organization ?
Answer:  193 (last one = South Sudan)

8. Where is United Nations University situated ?
answer: Tokyo

9. Where is United Nations Peace University situated ?
Answer: Costa Rica

10. How many languages are recognized by UN ?
answer: 6

11. When did the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by UN general Assemby ?
Answer: December 10, 1948

12. Human Rights day observed on ?
Answer: December 10

* 13. Which day is declared as Malala Day by United Nations ?
Answer: July 12

Did you know which is the first state to eradicate Malaria in India ?


  1. what r the six recognised languages?

  2. English, french, chinese, arabic, spanish, russian are d six languages .

    Languages used for day to day operation of uno?
    Ans: english and french


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