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General knowledge questions for SSC graduate exam

Combined Graduate SSC gk questions

If you are preparing for SSC exam, please read all GK posts in this blog, because there is no special gk for ssc exam. Any questions can be asked in SSC exams.

1. Which place is known as the land of canals and hat ?
Answer: Panama

2. How many high courts are there in India ?
Answer: 24

3. Which is India's first and only military base outside Indian territory ?
Answer: Farkhor Air Base (Tajikistan)

4. Which continent has the highest number of countries ?
Answer: Africa

5. Who is known as missile woman of India ?
Answer: Tessy Thomas

6. Which is India's largest Biosphere reserve ?
Answer: Gyan Bharati Biosphere reserve (Rann of Kutch)

7. What is the Capital of Labanon ?
Answer: Beirut

Did you know who is the first Union Education Minister of India ?


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