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General knowledge questions about Indian states


General knowledge Quiz Questions about Indian state Maharashtra for all competitive exams like upsc, psc, bank exams, quiz, intelligence bureau, ibps, bank clerk, RRB and postal assistant.
Maharashtra Gk questions

1. What is the capital of Maharashtra ?
Answer: Mumbai

2. Which is the state animal of Maharashtra ?
answer: Indian Giant Squirrel

3.  Which is the state bird of Maharashtra ?
Answer: Yellow-footed Green Pigeon

4. Which is the official state tree of Maharashtra ?
answer: Mango

5. Which is the largest electricity producing state in India ?
Answer: Maharashtra

6. Which city is known as the financial capital of India ?
answer: Mumbai

7. Thamasha is the folk dance of which state ?
Answer: Maharashtra

8. In which state Ajantha and Ellora caves are situated ?
answer: Maharashtra

9. In which state the major port Nhava Sheva (Jawaharlal Nehru Port) situates ?
Answer: Maharashtra

10. Which place is known as "City of seven Islands" ?
answer: Mumbai

11. In which state Lonar lake (the only lake in India which was created by a meteor impact) situates ?
Answer: Maharashtra

12. Which is the world's largest national park located within in city limits ?
answer: Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Maharashtra)

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