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Indian Geography: Frequently asked questions

Important questions about Coastal Area of India for UPSC, SSC, Postal Assistant, Secretariat Assistant and RRB exams

1. What is the total length of Indian Coastal Area ?
Answer: 6083 Km (7516.6 Km, including Andaman and lakshadeep)

2. What is the number of states having coastal area ?
Answer: 9

3. Which States has the largest coastline in India ?
Answer: Gujarat

4. Which is the second maritime state (second largest coastline) in India ?
Answer: Andhara pradesh

5. Which state has least coastal area ?
Answer: Goa

6. What is the width of West Coast ?
Answer: 50 Km

7. What is the width of  East Coast ?
Answer: 100Km

Important questions about Major Ports (Harbors) in India

Ports in India are very important Questions for all competitive exams, now we are going to discuss the probable questions.

Before studying ports in India you should know the states having coastal area, because all the nine coastal states have ports.

1. Which are the states having coastal area ?
Answer: Gujarat , Maharashtra , Goa , Karnataka , Kerala < those are in West coast.
             West Bengal , Odisha , Andhara Pradesh , Tamil Nadu < those are in East coast

2. Which is the Major  port situated in Gujarat ?
Answer: Kandla

3. Which is the Tidal Port in Gujarat ?
Answer: Kandla

4. Which are the Major port situated in Maharashtra ?
Answer: Mumbai , Nhava Sheva

5. Which is the largest port in India ?
Answer: Mumbai

6. Which port is known as Jawaharlal Nehru Port ?
Answer: Nhava Sheva

7. Which is the Major port in Goa ?
Answer: Marma Goa

8. Which is the Iron ore exporting port in India ?
Answer: Marma Goa

9. Which is the Major port in Karnataka ?
Answer: New Mangalore Port

10. Which is the Major port in Kerala ?
Answer: Kochi

11. Which are the ports in West Bengal ?
Answer: Kolkata , Haldia

12. Which is the Major port in Odisha ?
Answer: Paradip Port

13. Which is the Major port situated in Andhara pradesh ?
Answer: Visakhapatnam

14. Which is the deepest port in India ?
Answer: Visakhapatnam

15. Which port is known as Jewel of all port ?
Answer: Visakhapatnam

16. Which are the ports in Tamil Nadu ?
Answer: Chennai , Tuticorin ports, Ennore Port

17. Which is the Oldest port in India ?
Answer: Chennai

18. Which is the Southern most port in India ?
Answer: Tuticorin ports

19. Which is the newest port in India ?
Answer: Port Blair

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  1. The port kandla is known as >> child of partition

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  2. the paradip port exports >> raw iron to japan

  3. the name of the port in Kolkata is >>> Haldia(riverine port)

  4. but should increase the number of question

  5. Higest minerals exporting port:PARADEEP(excluding iron ore)

  6. Chennai is 3rd oldest port, oldest artificial port


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