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Gk questions about Mughal Empire

1. What was the early name of Jahangir ?
Answer: Salim

2. Who was the Sikh guru who was executed by Mughal empire Jahangir ?
Answer: Arjun Dev (fifth sikh guru)

3. Which Mughal empire built the Shalimar Garden ?
Answer: Jahangir (in Srinagar)

4. Which Mughal empire built the Nishant Garden ?
Answer: Jahangir (in Srinagar)

5. What is the name of Jahangir's Autobiography ?
Answer: Tuzukh -i- Jahangiri (in persian language)

6. Where is the tomb of Jahangir situated ?
Answer: Shahadhara in Lahore

William Hawkins and Sir thomas Roe reached the court of Jahangir in 1609 and 1615 respectively.

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