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banking and marketing terms for ibps and bank po exams [updated]

Banking , Marketing and financial terms for all competitive exams

Above the line - Commission paid advertisement

Below the line -No commissions paid for advertisement

CAR- Capital Adequacy  Ratio

CAB- Cotton Advisory board

DIPP- Department of industrial Policy and Promotion

ECB - External Commercial borrowings

EOI- Expression of Interest

ETF- Exchange Trade Fund

EPF- Employees Provident Fund

FCCB -Foreign currency convertible Bond

FCNR A/C -   Foreign Currency Non Residential Account

FOSS- Free and open source software

FIPB- Foreign Investment Promotion Board

GPF - General Pension Fund 

HPL- Haldia Petro chemical LTD

IPR- Intellectual Property right

IDRS- Indian depository Receipts .

IFJ- International federation of journalists.

MEA- Ministry of External Affairs

NASSO- National sample survey Organization

NCM- National committee on minorities

NCD - Non convertible Debentures

NPA- Non Performing asset

NRE Accounts - Non-Resident External Account

NIM-Net Interest Margin

MPLAD - Member of parliament Legislative Area Development .

PMEAC- Prime Ministers Economic Advisory comity

PPP -Purchasing Power Parity

PPF - Public Provident Fund

QIP- Qualified institution Placements

REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust

SBU -Strategic Business Unit  

SBU is a Unit of the company having different mission

SDR - Special Drawing Rights

SHG- Self Help Group

Strapline- Slogan of a Company Brand

S&P- Standard and Poors credit rating Agency

UJwala- A scheme from Central govt. for Women rescued from trafficking.

WPI- Wholesale Prize Index

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  1. Replies
    1. FMC is not a financial term, it is a regulatory authority headquartered at Mumbai.
      Thank you deepak for sharing this information

  2. NSEL - National Spot Exchange Limited

  3. Replies
    1. Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited

    2. housing development finance corporation

  4. What is the full form for "car"?

  5. banking ombudsman was introduced by rbi in 1995 it was further revised in 2005...a banking ombudsman is also known as banking lokpal


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