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General knowledge quiz questions Supreme Court

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Gk quiz questions related to Supreme Court of India

Present chief Justice )) RM Lodha

1. In which year Supreme Court of India came in to force ?
Answer: 1950 January 28

2. Who is the first chief Justice of India ?
Answer:  Harilal J Kania

3. Who is the 39th Chief Justice of India ?
Answer: Altamas Kabir

4. Which article in Indian Constitution gives the power of Writ jurisdiction to Supreme court ?
Answer: Article 32

5. Who appoints the judges of supreme court ?
Answer: President

6. What is the monthly salary of chief Justice of Supreme court ?
Answer: 1 lakh

7.  What is the monthly salary of judge of Supreme court ?
Answer: 90,000

* 8. Who is the present (40th) Chief Justice of India ?
answer:  P. Sathasivam

* 9. Who is the first female supreme court chief justice ?
answer: No female CJI yet

* 10. Who is the first female judge of supreme court ?
Answer: Fathima Beevi

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