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Latest Random and important Gk questions : updated

Previously asked GK questions for PSC and Bank exams

Random General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Gulf Stream Ocean Currents located in ?
Answer: Atlantic

2. Potassium is kept in ?
Answer: Kerosene

3.Which article of the Indian Constitution deals with the Right to Education ?
Answer: Article 21(a)

4. Which is the soil formed due to intense leaching in areas of high temperature and rainfall ?
Answer: Laterite Soil

5. The general governor who organized police force in India ?
Answer: Lord Cornvallis

6. Which is the Chemical added to give particular smell to LPG ?
Answer: Ethyl Marcaptan (Ethanethiol)

7. HTTPS stand for _____ ?
Answer: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

8. For refreshing which function key is used ?
Answer: F5

9. The working principle of Optical Fibre Cables ?
Answer: Total Internal Reflection

10. The Andes Mountain located in ?
Answer: South America

11. The name Indian National Congress first put forward by ?
Answer: Dadabhai Naroji

12. Lightening Conductor was discovered by ?
Answer: Benjamin Franklin

13. Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous Chicago speech on which date?
Answer: 11 September 1893

 14. which planet is called green planet?
Answer: uranus

15. which planet is known as red planet?
Answer: Mars

16. which planet is known as morning star?

17. which planet is known as blue planet?
answer: earth

18. which planet is known as green planet in solar system ?
answer: Uranus

19. Which planet have rings?
Answer: Saturn

*20. Who is the author of the book "You got magic"?
Answer: Neel Madhav

Important Facts about Indian presidents

*21. India wins freedom is the autobiography of?
answer: Abdul kalam azad

*22.The president who led the first minority government in India?
answer: V P Singh

*22. The President of India who announced the emergency of 1975?
answer: Fakhruddin ali ahmed

*23.First Indian president who was born in 20th century?
Answer: Fakhrudin Ali ahmed

*24. The oldest president of India?
Answer: K R Narayan

*25.The youngest president of India?
Answer: Neelam sanjiv Reddy

*26. Who is the first chief minister of Andhra pradesh?
Answer:  Neelam sanjiv Reddy

Did you know where is the Museum of Indian Railway situated ?

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  1. I like this blog,a s it is dedicated to the Questions-Answers only...So I liked the idea.....I wanna add some values to it...Here I am providing five important current affairs questions.....

    1) Who has received the 27th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration?

    Ans: Gulzar.

    2) Kaziranga University tied up with which university recently?

    Ans: Cardiff Metropolitan University of United Kingdom.

    3) Where is the Central Institute of Indian Languages located in?

    Ans: Mysore.

    4) On which day the International Day of Persons with Disabilities observed on?

    Ans: 3rd December.

    5) Who had received the Bharat Muni Samman of 2012?

    Ans: Hema Malini.

    Regards Aditya Dey from Latest Current Affairs

    1. These are very low standard questions so next time be improved it

    2. Each and and every bit of knowledge is important. Share your knowledge.

  2. thank you! you are doing a wonderful job!

  3. Thank u so much.. very informative it was..

  4. really vry informative.....

  5. very nice your work friend,,,,i am feel very uncomplite without u

  6. Knowledge is always helpful but here u r doing excellent job by making us aware about each & every happening that is paying heavely to us....a Big thanx....:)

  7. Utter Pradesh Police K Main K Prepratoin ka Lea Kuch IMPORTENT Question Post kerea PLEASE ... ??

  8. mppsc ki stdy kar raha hu important gk question provide kariye please

  9. Which country won Euro cup 2016?

  10. what is the fullform for isro?
    answer:Indian Space Research Organisation

  11. The world Theater day is observed on which date?
    answer: March 27

  12. Random GK
    First Muslim president of India?
    Zakir Hussain

    First president of india died in harness?
    Answer: Zakir Hussain


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