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Basic GK questions for kids

Indian States and Capital

When some one start to study gk, they should first study Indian state and capital. Unfortunately I used to give wrong answer to this types of questions. That's why I am posting Gk questions for kids, actually this is not for Kids(It is for me and you). No more wrong answers......

1. Capital of Andhra Pradesh   >>   Hyderabad

2. Capital of Arunachal Pradesh   >>  Itanagar

3. Capital of Assam   >>  Dispur

4. Capital of Bihar   >>  Patna

5. Capital of Chhattisgarh   >>   Raipur

6. Capital of Goa   >>  Panaji

7. Capital of Gujarat   >>  Gandhinagar

8. Capital of Haryana   >>  Chandigarh

9. Capital of Himachal Pradesh   >>  Shimla

10. Capital of Jammu and Kashmir   >>  Jammu (winter), Srinagar (summer)

11. Capital of Jharkhand   >>  Ranchi

12. Capital of Karnataka   >>  Bangalore

13. Capital of Kerala   >>  Thiruvananthapuram

14. Capital of Madhya Pradesh   >>  Bhopal

15. Capital of Maharashtra   >>  Mumbai

16. Capital of Manipur   >>  Imphal

17. Capital of Meghalaya   >>  Shillong

18. Capital of Mizoram   >>  Aizawl

19. Capital of Nagaland   >>  Kohima

20. Capital of Orissa   >>  Bhubaneswar

21. Capital of Punjab   >>  Chandigarh

22. Capital of Rajasthan   >>   Jaipur

23. Capital of Sikkim   >>  Gangtok

24. Capital of Tamil Nadu   >>  Chennai

25. Capital of Tripura   >>  Agartala

26. Capital of Uttar Pradesh   >>  Lucknow

27. Capital of Uttarakhand   >>  Dehradun

28. Capital of West Bengal   >>   Kolkata

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  1. If capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Jammu in winter & Srinagar in summer which is the capital during Rainy season? - Karunakar

  2. Replies
    1. yes it is... silly important questions

  3. Gk questions for kidsJune 23, 2013 at 3:08 PM

    What is the largest planet in our solar system?
    answer: Jupiter


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