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Biology GK questions and answers: updated

Biology General knowledge questions and answers

Biology gk questions for PSC ,SSC and RRB exams

1. Which disease is known as Christmas disease ?
Answer: Haemophilia (also known as Bleeder's disease and Royal disease )

2. The seat of memory in the human brain is located in the _______ ?
Answer: Cerebrum

3. Which hormone is known as Emergency Hormone ?
Answer: Adrenalin

4. Total number of bones in human body ?
Answer: 206

*4a. Number of rib bones in human body?
Answer: 24(12 pairs)

5. Total number of Muscles in human body ?
 Answer: 639

6. What is the Enzyme present in Saliva ?
Answer: Ptyalin

7. Covering of brain is called as __________ ?
Answer: Meninges

8.  Covering of Lungs is called as __________ ?
 Answer: Pleura

9. Covering of Heart is called as __________ ?
Answer: Pericardium

10. What is the full form of CAT in CAT scan (CT scan) ?
Answer: Computer Axial Tomograph

11. Who prepared the first Cholera vaccine ?
Answer: Louis Pasteur

12. Who discovered Rabies vaccine ?
Answer: Louis Pasteur

 13. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of ________ ?
Answer: arteries

*14. Which part of the body produces the blood cells?
Answer: Bone marrow

Did you know which is the largest lake in Antarctica ?


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  3. blood group of human was discovered in 1900 by .....?
    ans: Karl Landstienes

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  5. Very first commander in chief of india also known as father of Indian army?

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