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Years updated in September

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Its a weekly report of Learn a Important "Year" Everyday programme.
Studying Year is very difficult that's why we started An Important Year A Day programme. These questions include Previously asked years, Frequently asked years, Important years for competitive exams.

Years updated in July

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31. When did saka era started ?
Answer: AD 78

32. When did Project Tiger Scheme started in India ?
Answer: in 1973

33. When did NSG (National Security Guards) formed in India ?
Answer: in 1984

34. When did the Chauri-Chaura incident happened ?
Answer: in 1922

35. When did arya samaj founded ?
Answer: in 1875

36. When did Prarthana samaj founded ?
Answer: in 1867

37. When did brahmo samaj founded ?
Answer: in 1828

38. When did Sati Abolished in India ?
Answer: in 1829

39. When did Chernobyl disaster happened ?
Answer: in 1986 April 26

40. When did Saka Calendar Adopted as the National Calendar of India ?
Answer: in 1957

41. When did Rajdhani Express Started it's maiden journey ?
Answer: in 1969

42. When did Dowry Prohibition Act was passed in India ?
Answer: in 1961

43. When did the Voting age was reduced from 21 years to 18 years in India ?
Answer: in 1988

44. When did Halley's Comet last appeared in the inner Solar System?
Answer: in 1986

45. When did International Atomic Energy Agency formed ?
Answer: in 1957 

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