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Latest Important Gk questions 2012: Tughlaq Dynasty

Most important questions about Tughlaq Dynasty

1. Who is the founder of Tughlaq Dynasty ?
Answer: Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

2. Which Tughlaq Ruler is known as 'wisest fool' ?
Answer: Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq

3. Who called Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq as 'an ill starred idealist' ?
Answer: Iban Batuta

4. Who built the monument Tughlaqabad Fort in Delhi ?
Answer: Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

5. Who was the Tughlaq Dynasty Ruler when Iban Batuta (an African traveler) visited India ?
Answer: Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq

6. Who introduced 'Jaziya' (a tax on non-Muslims) ?
Answer: Firuz-sha-Tughlaq

7. Which Tughlaq ruler banned Music ?
Answer: Giyasuddin Tughlaq

8. Who was the last ruler of Tughlaq Dynasty ?
Answer: Muhammad Shah Tughlaq

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