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General knowledge Confusing Questions & Answers

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Confusing Facts Part 4

1. Who discovered the planet Neptune ?
Answer: Johann Galle

2. Who discovered the planet Uranus ?
Answer: William Herschel

3. What is the Chemical name of Caustic Lotion ?
Answer: Silver Nitrate

4. What is the Chemical name of Caustic Soda ?
Answer: Sodium Hydroxide

5. What is the Chemical name of Caustic Potash ?
Answer: Potassium Hydroxide

6. What is the Chemical name of Gypsum ?
Answer: Calcium Sulphate

7. What is the Chemical name of Plaster Of Paris ?
Answer: Calcium Sulphate

8. What is the Chemical name of Carborundum ?
Answer: Silicon Carbide

9. What is Silviculture ?
Answer: Forest Planting
10. What is Olericulture ?
Answer: Olericulture is the science of vegetable growing

11. What is Arboriculture ?
Answer: Cultivation of Tree

12. What is Viticulture ?
Answer: Cultivation of Grape

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  1. You have to define subject of general knowledge questions. This one is science related category.

  2. Thanks for your feedback.
    From now on i will try.


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