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Important Facts about HUMAYUN

Humayun succeeded Babur in Dec 1530 . Kamran Sultana was Humayun's mother. He slipped on the staircase of the Library at Din-Panch and died.

Important Questions About Humayun

1. In the Battle of Dhuria ,who is defeated by Humayun?

answer: Mahamud Lodhi

2. Who built the city of Dinpannah on the site "Purna Quila" in Gujarat ?

answer: Humayun

3. Who defeated Humayun in the Battle of chausa ?

answer: Shershah (in 1539)

4. When did Shershah defeated Humayun in the Battle of Kanauj ?

answer: In 1540

5. When did Humayun occupied Delhi ?

answer: On July 1555 ( He defeated the last Sur ruler, Sikander Sur)

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Important facts about Mughal Empire

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