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GK questions and answers 2012: Olympic symbols

Olympic Ring And Representing Continents
Actually these these ring doesn't represent any single continent, According to IOC (International Olympic committee) these rings represents union of the five continents. ( Reference )

However I had seen that some jerks asking these questions in competitive exams, So we need to know this.

blue = Europe

= Asia

black = Africa

green = Australia

= America

Did you know who is the father of Modern Olympics ?
answer: Baron Pierre de Coubertin (these rings are also designed by Pierre de Coubertin)

Who is the creator of Olympic motto "Swifter, Higher, Stronger" ?
answer: Henri Didon

* In 2012 London Olympics Who won Silver medal for India ?
Answer: Vijay Kumar (25 m rapid fire pistol event), susheel kumar (wrestling)

* When did India first participated in Olympics ?
Answer: 1900 (Paris Olympics)

* When did India Officially participated in Olympics ?
Answer: 1920

* Who is the First Indian to win an individual Olympic medal after independence ?
Answer: K.D Yadav (1952, Helsinki)

* Who is the First Indian woman to reach Semifinal in Olympics ?
Answer: Shiny Wilson

* Who is the First Indian woman to reach Final in Olympics ?
Answer: P.T Usha

* Who is the First Indian woman to win a Medal in Olympics ?
Answer: Karnam Malleswari (Bronze, 2000 Sydney)

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Did you know where is Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary situated ?


  1. where is the Olympics museum situated ?

    Answer: Lausanne (Switzerland)

  2. Which city Hosted Olympics 3 times ?

    Answer: London

  3. Which are the countries participated in all Olympics game ?

    Great Britain

  4. Who won most no of gold medal in One Olympics ?

    Answer: Michael Phelps

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  5. Who is the first amputee to compete in Olympics ?
    Answer: Oscar Pistorius

  6. When did Indian Olympic association formed ?
    Answer: 1927

  7. In which olympics India got most number of medals?

    Ans: in 2012 london olympics

  8. Total games participated by India in 2012 London Olympics

    1. The total number of athletes participated in 2012 London Olympics for India?

      Answer: 83

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  9. Which Indian won a medal in 2012 Paralympic ?

    Answer: Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda (Silver in High jump)

  10. Who was the flag bearer for India during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics 2012 ?

    Answer: Mary Kom

  11. What were the mascot of 2012 London Olympics ?

    Answer: Wenlock and Mandeville


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