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Stock exchanges and share market related Questions

Selected and important Questions from Stock Market and share trading for competitive exams

Questions from Indian Share Market

1. First Stock exchange in India ?
Answer: Bombay stock exchange

2. First Stock exchange in Asia ?
Answer: bombay stock exchange

3.Bombay stock exchange is located at?
Answer:  Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers at Dalal Street

 4.BSE SENSEX is the index of which stock exchange?
Answer: Bombay stock exchange

5.Which organization controls share markets in India?
Answer: SEBI

6.Where is the headquarters of SEBI?
Answer: Mumbai

7.Sebi formed in which year ?
Answer: 1992

Who is the present SEBI chairman ?
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 Questions from world wide Share Market

1.Largest stock exchange by capitalization?
Answer: Newyork stock exchange

2.Doe jones is the index of which stock market?
Answer: Newyork stock exchange

3.worlds first electronic stock exchange?
Answer:  NASDAQ (started on 1971 located at America)

4.What is the full form for NASDAQ?
Answer:   National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

5.Newyork stock exchange and  NASDAQ are situated at ?
Answer:  Wall street(Newyork)

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  1. Bombay Stock Exchange was established in which year?


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