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Revolutions for Increase Production (yellow,white,green,blue,pink brown & grey)

Some revolutions are introduced to increase the production of various items by different governments. Here lists some of them  from previous questions .If you have any suggestions feel free to comment

 Yellow revolution =>Increase in production of oil seeds  

 White revolution => Increase in production of milk         

 Green revolution => Increase in crop production            

 Blue revolution   => Increase in fish production              

 Pink revolution  => Increase in production of meat        

 Brown revolution => Increase in production of leather  

 Grey revolution => Increase in production of fertilizers 

Who is known as Father of green revolution?
Answer:  Norman Borlaug

Who is known as Father of green revolution in india?
Answer: M S swaminathan

what is mean by operation flood ?
Answer: increase in production of milk

In which year operation flood started ?
Answer: 1970
who is the father of white revolution ?
Answer: Varghese Kurien

Green revolution was started in which country?
answer: Mexico


  1. Red revolution: related to meat
    Golden: horticulture

  2. Red revolution for meat and tomatoes, gold for honey, golden Fibre for jute.

  3. black revolution related to petroleum production


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