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GK questions about earth's atmosphere

Earth's atmosphere is a very important area for all competitive exams. Let's discuss some important questions from earth's atmospheric layers.

1. Which is the most abundant gas in earth's atmosphere  ?
answer: Nitrogen 

2. What is the percentage of oxygen in earth's atmosphere ?
answer: 21 % 

3. Which is the most abundant noble gas in earth's atmosphere ?
answer: Argon 
atmosphere questions

4. Which is the lower most layer in earth's atmosphere ?
answer: Troposphere 

5.  Weather phenomena like cloud, rain, snow, storm etc are formed in which atmospheric layer of earth ?
answer: Troposphere

6. In which atmospheric layer the phenomenon Aurora Borealis occurs ?
answer: Thermosphere

* Which is the device used to measure atmospheric pressure?
Answer: barometer
More related gk questions will be added soon !!!!!!!


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