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Current affairs questions online 2013

Current affairs Gk Questions from Online GK

Retrieving gk questions from online gk box is very difficult, so we are posting some selected important gk questions from the Gk box. These gk questions are shared by our Online visitors.

Current affairs aug 2013  updates

A. Who is the new foreign secretary of India ?

         Answer: Sujatha singh from 1st aug 2013

B. Newly appointed cj for delhi high court?
Justice Ramana

c. new chairman and managing director of Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC)?
answer: dinesh k sharraf.

1. Who became the first player to win four successive ballon d'or awards ?
Answer: Lionel Messi

2. Who is the pm of Egypt ?
answer: *******

3. Who wrote the book What Young India Wants ?
Answer: Chetan Bhagat

4. Who is the United States Secretary of State ?
Answer: John Kerry

5. Who is appointed as Chinese ambassador to India ?
answer:  Wei Wei 

6. Who is the prime minister of Bangladesh ?
Answer: Sheikh Hasina

7.  Who is the miss earth 2012 ?
Answer: Tereza Fajksov√°

8. 2013 BRICS summit will be held at which place ?
Answer: Durban (South Africa)

9. Who is the present president of North korea ?
Answer: Kim Il-sung

10. What is the code name given to secret operation carried out by the special cell to unearth the IPL spot fixing racket ?
Answer: Operation U-Turn

11. What is the code name given to Ajmal Kasab's execution ?
Answer: Operation X

12. Who is the first  foreign national to hanged in India ?
Answer: Ajmal Kasab

13. What is the code name given to Afzal Guru's execution?
Answer: Operation Three Star

* 14. Who won 2013 Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award ?
answer: Amjad Ali Khan

* 15. Who won 2013 Lokmanya Tilak award ?
Answer: E Sreedharan

Who is known as Metro Man of India ?
ans: E Sreedharan

* 16. Who is the new foreign secretary of India ?
Answer: Sujatha Singh

* 17. Which country gave one year asylum to Edward Snowden, American intelligence leaker ?
  answer: Russia

* 18. Who is the new president of Iran ?
answer: Hassan Rouhani

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General knowledge quiz questions Supreme Court


Gk quiz questions related to Supreme Court of India

Present chief Justice )) RM Lodha

1. In which year Supreme Court of India came in to force ?
Answer: 1950 January 28

2. Who is the first chief Justice of India ?
Answer:  Harilal J Kania

3. Who is the 39th Chief Justice of India ?
Answer: Altamas Kabir

4. Which article in Indian Constitution gives the power of Writ jurisdiction to Supreme court ?
Answer: Article 32

5. Who appoints the judges of supreme court ?
Answer: President

6. What is the monthly salary of chief Justice of Supreme court ?
Answer: 1 lakh

7.  What is the monthly salary of judge of Supreme court ?
Answer: 90,000

* 8. Who is the present (40th) Chief Justice of India ?
answer:  P. Sathasivam

* 9. Who is the first female supreme court chief justice ?
answer: No female CJI yet

* 10. Who is the first female judge of supreme court ?
Answer: Fathima Beevi

* newly updated
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General knowledge


General knowledge questions for competitive exams and quiz

1. Which countries are separated by 38th parallel ?
Answer:  North Korea and South Korea

2. What is the maximum length of a day in pole ?
Answer: 6 month

Siliguri Corridor gk questions
3. What is the name of corridor, connects north-eastern states to the rest of India which is known as Chicken's Neck ?
Answer: Siliguri Corridor

4. Who is the creator of painting Boy with a pipe ?
Answer:  Pablo Picasso

5. Who presented the first budget in India (1860) ?
Answer: James Wilson

6. Which is the first country to get a loan from world bank ?
answer: France

* 7. The top secret 'Operation Lal Dora' which is recently in news is related to which incident ?
Answer: Landing of Indian troops in Mauritius

* 8. What is the name of border line that separates USA and Canada ?
answer: 49th parallel

* 9. Which is the largest soil group in India ?
Answer: Alluvial soil

* 10. Cartography is the study of ?
answer: Map

*11. Who developed the system of latitude and longitude ?
Answer: Eratosthenes

* 12. Which river crosses the equator twice in its flow ?
answer: Congo River

* newly updated gk questions

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Expected gk questions: IBPS, RRB, PSC

Expected General Knowledge questions for all competitive exams (IBPS, RRB, Postal Assistant,PSC etc)

Current affairs Gk questions

Make sure you knew at least two recent year and venue of the events.

1. 2012 Olympics is held at ?
Answer: London

2. Venue of 2016 Olympics (The next Olympics will be held at) ?
Answer:  Riode Genero (Brazil)

3. Venue of 2014 Winter Olympics ?
Answer: Sochi (Russia)

4.  2012 Summer Paralympics is held at ?
Answer: London

5. Venue of 2016 Summer Paralympics ?
Answer: Rio de Genero (Brazil)

6.  Venue of 2014 Winter Paralympics ?
Answer: Sochi (Russia)

7. 2010 World Cup Football was held at ?
Answer: South Africa

8. Where is the venue of 2014 World Cup Football ?
Answer:  Brazil
Brand ambassador of the 2014 FIFA World Cup ?
Answer: Pele

9. Where is the venue of 2018 FIFA World Cup ?
Answer:  Russia

10. Where is the venue of 2022 World Cup Football ?
Answer:  Qatar

11. 2010 Commonwealth Games was held at ?
Answer:  Delhi

12. 2014 Commonwealth Games will be held at ?
Answer: Glasgow (Scotland)

13. Where is the Venue of 2018 Commonwealth Games ?
Answer: Gold Coast (Australia)

14. 2012 Euro Cup Football was held at ?Answer: Poland and Ukraine

15. Where is the Venue of 2016 Euro Cup Football ?
Answer: France

16.  Where is the Venue of 2015 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: Australia and New Zealand

17. Which country host the 2019 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: England

18. Which country host the 2014 T-20 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: Bangladesh

19. Which country host the 2016 T-20 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: India

20. Where is the Venue of 2013 Asian Games ?
Answer: Inchean (South Korea)

* 21. Where is the venue of 2013 world athletic championship ?
answer: Moscow (Russia)

* 22.  Which country host the 2023 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: India

* newly updated
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