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Important Questions about National anthem in gk exams

Some of the important National Anthems and it's importance  for  Gk Exams

Jana Gana Mana                              =>  India
The Star-Spangled Banner               =>  America
God Save the Queen                        =>  Britain
Qaumi Taranah                                =>  Pakistan
March of the Volunteers                   =>  China
Indonesia Raya                                =>   Indonesia
Amar Sonar Bangla                         =>   Bangladesh
Kimigayo                                        =>   Japan
Kassaman                                       =>   Algeria
Druk tsendhen                                =>    Bhutan
Kaba Ma Kyei                               =>    Myanmar
Mawtini                                          =>    Iraq
Al-Nasheed Al-Watani                   =>    Kuwait

More info About National anthems

1. Which is the Oldest National anthem ?
Answer: Dutch National Anthem "The Wilhelmus"

2. Which  is the longest national anthem in terms of duration?
Answer: National Anthem of Uruguay

3.Brazil national anthem composer : Francisco Manuel da Silva

Here list only frequently asking questions related to national anthem . You can find the whole list of national anthem from wikipedia

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