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general knowledge questions for kerala psc - ldc exams

1. Who is the author of the casual vacancy?
Answer : J. K. Rowling

2. which is fastest growing tree in the world?
answer : Bamboo

3. Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought  is given by which international association?
answer : European union

4. Muslim Brotherhood  is active political party in which country?
Answer : Egypt

what is the full form for  UIDAI?
Answer : Unique Identification Authority Of India

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  1. who is writer of "the mind of mahatma gandhi?
    Answer : Ramachandra Krishna Prabhu

  2. which state of india known as protector state of india?
    Answer : sikkim

  3. first planned city in India?
    Answer : Chandigarh

  4. More Simple gk questions

    name of 1st chinese astronout ?
    Answer : Taylor Wang

    who is the inventor of nylon ?
    Answer : Wallace Carothers

    The lead in pencils is made of which element ?
    Answer : carbon

    Name the world's first talking robot sent into space?
    Answer : Kirobo

  5. who invent bacteria?
    Anton van leven hock

    1. its name was animalcules...after that he coined the name as Bacteria


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