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gk bits for psc and upsc exams

Expected Gk questions for psc exams. 

1. who was the founder of vishwabharti
answer: tagore

2. First lady IAS ?
answer: anna rajam

3. new name of big ben tower in london?
Answer: elizabeth tower

4. zero mile center of india?
Answer: Nagpur (charminar)

*5.Which is the  oldest stock exchange of the world?

Answer : The Stock Exchange in Amsterdam, Netherlands

*6.who is the author of white tiger?

Answer: aravind adiga

*7.UNSECO head office ?

Answer : Paris , france

* = recently updated


  1. Who is the father of biology?

  2. who is the Father of Indian Economic Reforms ?
    answer : PV Narasimha Rao,

  3. who is the father of indian archeology?

    1. Alexander Cunningham: The Father Of Indian Archaeology

    2. Alexander Cunningham: The Father Of Indian Archaeology

  4. What is the working principle of Optical Fibre Cable ?


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