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General knowledge

General knowledge questions for competitive exams and quiz

1. Which countries are separated by 38th parallel ?
Answer:  North Korea and South Korea

2. What is the maximum length of a day in pole ?
Answer: 6 month

Siliguri Corridor gk questions
3. What is the name of corridor, connects north-eastern states to the rest of India which is known as Chicken's Neck ?
Answer: Siliguri Corridor

4. Who is the creator of painting Boy with a pipe ?
Answer:  Pablo Picasso

5. Who presented the first budget in India (1860) ?
Answer: James Wilson

6. Which is the first country to get a loan from world bank ?
answer: France

* 7. The top secret 'Operation Lal Dora' which is recently in news is related to which incident ?
Answer: Landing of Indian troops in Mauritius

* 8. What is the name of border line that separates USA and Canada ?
answer: 49th parallel

* 9. Which is the largest soil group in India ?
Answer: Alluvial soil

* 10. Cartography is the study of ?
answer: Map

*11. Who developed the system of latitude and longitude ?
Answer: Eratosthenes

* 12. Which river crosses the equator twice in its flow ?
answer: Congo River

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Did you know who was the first Women  DGP (Director General of Police) in India ?


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