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Physics General knowledge questions

Physics Simple gk questions

gk aspirants always has a tendency to follow hard gk questions.. , those who even know the name of  Obama's dog (Bo), makes  mistakes on very simple gk questions.. so please don't spit on simple gk questions.... we need every type of questions to get better ranking in competitive exams.

1. Rate of change of distance is called as ?
Answer: Speed

2. Rate of change of displacement is called as ?
Answer: Velocity

3. Negative acceleration is called as ?
Answer: Retardation (deceleration)

4. What is the acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity ?
Answer: Zero

5. Which is the weakest force in the universe ?
Answer: Gravitational Force

6. Which is the strongest force in the universe ?
Answer: Nuclear Force

7. What is the CGS unit of force ?
Answer: Dyne

8. Who discovered the law of inertia ?
Answer: Galileo Galilei

* 9. A body given with an initial velocity moved under the effect of gravity is called ?
Answer: Projectile

* 10. Rate of change of momentum is _____ ?
 Answer: Force

* 11. A large force acting on a short time is called ?
Answer: Impulse

* 12. The ability of a liquid to rise by defying gravity is called ?
Answer: Capillarity

* 13. Which is the liquid that shows Capillary fall ?
Answer: Mercury

* 14. A projectile launched at ______ degree angle has the greatest range ?
answer: 45

* Newly updated

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  1. Which metal have highest electrical conductivity?


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