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General knowledge questions about Buddhism

Previously asked General knowledge questions about Jainism

1. Who is known as Light of Asia ?
Answer: Gautama Buddha

2. When did Gautama Buddha born ?
Answer: BC 563

3. Where did Gautama Buddha born ?
Answer: Lumbini in Kapilavasthu

4. Gautama Buddha attained full enlightenment at _________ ?
Answer: Bodh Gaya (named by Edvin Arnold)

5. Where did the 1st Buddhist Council held ?
 Answer: Rajgirh

6. What is the name of worship place of Buddhists ?
Answer: Pagoda

7. What is the Holy book of Buddhists ?
Answer: Tripitika

8. What is the language used by Buddhists ?
Answer: Pali

* 9. Which river flows through Bodh Gaya ?
Answer: Niranjana River (Phalgu River)

Did you know What is the Holy book of Jains ?


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