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General knowledge questions PSC

Secretariat Assistant General knowledge questions (Asked on 5/1/2013 ) part 2

1. India is called a tropical country mainly on account of its ?
Answer: Latitudinal Extent

2. The marshy and forested land in northern part of Uttar Pradesh is ?
Answer: Terai

3. Which river is called a river between the two mountains ?
Answer: Narmada

4. Which state is called the agricultural epitome of India ?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

5. Which region of India has a larger female population than the male population ?
a. west bengal           b. Mizoram         c. Nagaland           d. Puducherry
Answer: Puducherry

6. Who was the first propounder of the doctrine of 'Passive Resistance' ?
Answer: Aurobindo Ghosh

7. In which five year plan University Grants Commission was set up for promoting and strengthening higher education ?
Answer:  First Five Year Plan

8. Who is known as the father of Renaissance of Western India ?
Answer: M.G Ranade

9. The longest River in Peninsular India ?
Answer: Godavari

10. The largest producer of rice in India ?
a. Kerala       b. Andhara Pradesh       c. Tamil Nadu         d. Gujarat
Answer: Andhara Pradesh

11. The national animal of kerala ?
Answer: Elephant

12. The southern most river in Kerala ?
Answer: Neyyar

13. The largest national park in Kerala ?
Answer: Eravikulam

14. First dam in Kerala ?
Answer: Mullapperiyar

15. The most populated district in Kerala as per 2001 census ?
Answer: Malappuram

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