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Chemistry General knowledge questions

General knowledge questions about chemistry

10 important general knowledge bits from Chemistry

1. Gun Powder is a mixture of  ______ ?
Answer: Sulphur, Carbon and Nitre

2. Which is the only liquid nonmetal ?
Answer: Bromine

3. The first metal used by man was _____ ?
Answer: Copper

4. Which is the Most abundant Noble gas in the air ?
Answer: Argon

5. Which metal is present in Insulin ?
Answer: Zinc

6. Which metal is present in human tears ?
Answer: Zinc

7. Which metal is present in chlorophyll ?
Answer: Magnesium

8. Which metal is present in Sindur (the sacred material of Hindus) ?
Answer: Lead

9. Which metal is present in hemoglobin ?
Answer: Iron

10. Which is the Alkali metal used in photovoltaic cell ?
Answer: Cesium

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  1. Important gk questions

    Positively charged electrode is known as ?

    Answer : Anode.

  2. chemistry gk questions

    Which metal is seen in bone ?

    Answer: Calcium


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