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Quiz questions : Gk years

Years updated in November

Its a weekly report of Learn a Important "Year" Everyday programme. Studying Year is very difficult, that's why we started An Important Year A Day programme. These questions include Previously asked years, Frequently asking years, Important years for competitive exams.

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61. In which year Preamble amended to add the words "sovereign socialist" ?
in 1976 (42 Amendment)

62. In which year Santosh Trophy  national football tournament started ?
in 1941

63. In which year Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) formed ?
in 1962 Oct 24

64. In which year Kendra Sangeetha Nataka Academy came into existence ?
in 1953

65. In which year British East India company founded ?
in AD 1600

66. In which year Dutch East India company founded ?
in AD 1602

67. In which year French East India company founded ?
in AD 1664

68. In which year First world War started ?
in 1914 July 28

69. In which year First world War ended ?
in 1918 November 18

70. In which year Railway budget separated from general budget in India ?
in 1921

71. Chandrayan-1 was launched on ?
in 2008 Oct 22

72. In which year Zamindari system was abolished in India ?
in 1954

73. In which year Indian Constitution was finally adopted ?
in 1949 Nov 26

74. In which year British Commonwealth established ?
in 1926

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